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Job Title:

Marketing Executive






To organise, maintain and develop the marketing function (internal and external) in conjunction with the activities of the sales office.

Personal Attributes:

You will have a strong understanding and experience in all marketing disciplines including direct mail, advertising, digital marketing, SEO, SEM, social media platforms, CRM systems, PR, affiliate marketing, brand building and brand awareness.

Principle Accountabilities:

   1. To create and manage the annual strategic marketing plan in relation to the budget and goals
   2. To organise and manage all advertising and promotional schedules (for conferences, B&B’s, weddings and events) and report thereon
   3. To ensure that the website is updated and developed as an effective marketing tool
   4. To produce and distribute press releases relating to our client
   5. To ensure that the our client database is ‘clean’, well managed and targeted to the fullest extent (in conjunction with the sales team)
   6. To action e-marketing/mailing campaigns to include promotion of late availability packages and special events
   7. To ensure that all our client branding material is managed within budget and stands in line with the strategic vision of Our client
   8. To provide general administration duties linked to the role
   9. To undertake any other duties as appropriate and within your competence, as required by your senior manager from time to time.


The role of Marketing Executive is varied and exciting. You must be self-accountable and able to demonstrate return on investment. You must be pro-active and well motivated and keen to achieve ‘great things’ both for yourself and the business.


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e.g. Sales, Design, IT, Retail etc